Vodka VKA

The first Tuscan vodka
from organic farming

Vodka VKA at PITTI Taste
7-9 MARCH 2015

Stazione Leopolda, Florence - Stand: D/36

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Made in Tuscany

VKA originates from the pristine Tuscan Apennine hills of Mugello, where springs of crystal clear water quench stretches of gold wheat. VKA was born listening to the voice of the sheaf of wheat shooked by the wind, releasing aromas of juniper, anise and wild apples.

Organic Vodka

From the organic sheaf of wheat, VKA distills a vodka of exceptional purity, filtered with great care to enhance the entire range of scents that distinguish it. VKA is a shiny vodka made of fresh and slightly fruity notes, with no sharp edge spirits despite the gradation of 40°.

Vodka VKA

VKA captures water, wheat, wind and earth to preserve them in transparency.A bottle of pure, clear glass, crystalline and essential, underlining a concern for the utmost eco-sustainability.

pitti taste

Vodka VKA at PITTI Taste 7-9 MARCH 2015

VKA presents the first Vodka Made in Tuscany at the PITTI Taste fair in Florence.

The company was born from a philanthropic project of local entrepreneurs committed to enhance the production chain of organic Tuscan wheat and provide incentives for cooperatives and farmers. From this land of great food traditions, comes a product that interprets the tuscan character, tradition, innovation, strength and elegance.

Stazione Leopolda, Florence Stand: D/36

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Vodka VKA

Made in Tuscany

Italian organic wheat and spelt
From the Tuscan Apennines
Distillation Method:
Four double effect continuous vacuum columns
Activated carbon and demethylation
Visual Examination:
Crystal clear to iridescent
Organoleptic Qualities:
Fresh wheat and a hint of juniper, a mineral texture with a silky alcoholic perception and a cool acidity in the finish
Bottled Area:
Mugello, Tuscany
Food Pairing:
Italian organic wheat and spelt
Bottle Size:
5cl, 70cl, 75cl, 150cl

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Vodka VKA

Located in a historic villa of the eighteenth century, VKA's headquarters is nestled in one of the most scenic areas of Mugello from which one can admire the Medici fortress of San Martino, the castle of Trebbio and the Cafaggiolo Castle, the last declared World Heritage Site. The view of the villa is the "vision" that animates the entire project: stretches of flourishing wheatfields from which one can follow the stages of cultivation and production.

Località San Giusto a Fortuna
50038 Scarperia e San Piero (FI) - Italia